GlobeChek® is the Clear Choice for Atlanta Braves’ Pre-Season Eye Exams

GlobeChek1With Opening Day for Major League Baseball only weeks away, spring training for the Atlanta Braves is in full swing. Keeping players COVID-19 safe remains top priority, so when it came time for the team’s preseason eye exams, GlobeChek® Diagnostics provided the ideal tele-ophthalmology solution. 

Using GlobeChek’s kiosk-style internet-connected eye screening globes, each Braves player was safely tested in less than 10 minutes. Conducted onsite without dilation or contact, the exams included visual acuity, an approximate glasses prescription, eye pressure, optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans, external and fundus photos, and corneal measurements. The results were read remotely in real time by the team’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Alan M. Kozarsky. In just two days, a total of 93 eye evaluations were completed.  GlobeChek2

With other professional sports teams planning to integrate these tele-eyecare globes into their players’ healthcare regimens, GlobeChek’s innovative solution will help detect asymptomatic disease at its earliest stages and prevent unnecessary blindness that could shorten or even end an athlete’s career.

We salute our client, GlobeChek Enterprises, LLC, ( their focus on promoting eye health through convenient and affordable access to comprehensive eye screening exams.