Gatorland's New Innovative Adventure!


Find yourself in a gators mouth? Well, you just took your first step into one of Orlando’s most iconic attractions. Recently, Gatorland created The Stompin’ Gator Off Road Adventure, which  is a monster truck-inspired experience that takes Gatorland’s visitors through swampy areas behind the scenes, including a stretch through authentic alligator burial grounds. This attraction is so popular and clever that it was even featured in a leading Orlando Sentinel story titled “Gatorland's unusual path to off-road adventure,” which talks about Gatorland’s new attraction and the company’s approach of using an in-house team to create this new ride. “We wanted a real theme-park ride, with a storyline,” said CEO Mark McHugh. “It’s pure entertainment. People are laughing the whole time.”

The bumpy and exciting ride uses a very creative, humorous storyline.  The non-stop entertainment culminates with a ride through the middle of a gator infested pond, of course. Since the park first opened their doors in 1949, Gatorland has remained a family-owned and operated business, and that family culture permeates everything. The company’s longevity comes from a family philosophy of adding new attractions and additions, such as the $2.2 million Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure, only when they have enough cash to pay for it.  With a simple mission of providing guests with fun, smiles, and special memories each and every day, Gatorland is a “must see” theme park in Orlando! For more information:

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