SwiftPaws Delivers Your Dog’s Best-ever Game of Chase

Dog Running - WideYour dog’s game of chase will reach a whole new level thanks to our client, SwiftPaws, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that manufactures and markets pet products. Their flagship offering, SwiftPaws Home, instantly transforms the common backyard into an interactive, remote-controlled game of chase, with speeds up to 30 mph. Pet owners with busy schedules will enjoy this fun and convenient way of exercising their favorite canine.

An avid dog lover with a background in the animal enrichment industry, SwiftPaws CEO/Founder Meghan Wolfgram had a desire to bring enrichment, exercise, and fun to pets. Wolfgram paired her love for animals and her enthusiasm for innovation to develop two SwiftPaws models. Both the pro and at-home versions combine technology and excitement to provide mental and physical stimulation for dogs.

This April, SwiftPaws achieved two major milestones as a company: a $500,000 seed round of funding and the issuance of US Patent No. 10,609,904d. As the female founder of a high-tech startup, Wolfgram attributes part of the company’s success to Groundswell Startups, the Melbourne-based business incubator that provides an invaluable network of mentors, local resources and business support services, including Lowndes. 

“Our mission at SwiftPaws is to help pets live their best lives, and we’re thankful to be able to keep our dedicated team working and growing even in today’s difficult circumstances," said Wolfgram.

We celebrate our client, Swift Paws! https://swiftpaws.com/