From Spirits to Sanitizer: Winter Park Distilling Company Making Hand Sanitizer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Local craft spirit maker Winter Park Distilling Company has shifted its manufacturing efforts from fine spirits to much-needed hand sanitizer. The move was made in an effort to help ease the sanitizer shortage brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Copper-plated stills, fermenters and kettles once dedicated to crafting whiskey, rum and vodka are now producing gallons of hand sanitizer for essential workers.  The first five-gallon batch was delivered to LYNX for distribution to bus drivers.

“Using hand sanitizer helps prevent the spread of coronavirus. Given the current shortage, it only makes sense for us to do what we can to help protect essential workers and support our community,” said Paul Twyford, co-founder of the distillery.

Winter Park Distilling Company plans to make additional batches of hand sanitizer for donation to other frontline workers. Limited quantities will also soon be available for purchase by the public.

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