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Treasury Cracking Down on Secret Real Estate Sales

By Amanda Wilson on Jan 14, 2016 in Real estate, International, irc, IRS, LLC, Tax, treasury

By:  Amanda Wilson There was an interesting story this morning on CBS about the Treasury Department cracking down on secret real estate sales.  Going forward, buyers and sellers may be limited in their ability to hide behind limited liability...

Shorter Built-in Gains Period for S Corporations

By Amanda Wilson on Dec 22, 2015 in Other, Congress, International, IRS, path act, S Corporation, Tax

By:  Amanda Wilson An S corporation is a popular tax vehicle, as it allows for a single layer of tax instead of the double layer of tax imposed on regular corporations.  Instead of the S corporation paying tax, the taxable income of the S...

The PATH Act Brings Important REIT Changes

By Amanda Wilson on Dec 21, 2015 in Real estate, Congress, International, IRS, medical marijuana, Obama care, path act, REIT

BY:  Amanda Wilson The recently enacted PATH Act included several important changes to the REIT tax rules.  A full discussion of these changes can be found here.

Congress Poised to Deliver Permanent Extenders Package

By Amanda Wilson on Dec 17, 2015 in Congress, government, International, IRS, path act, tax extenders

By:  Amanda Wilson It looks like Congress will be delivering an early Christmas present. in the form of permanent extenders package.  The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 ("PATH Act") is expected to be approved by Congress this week.