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Even With Extension, You Have to Pay Your Taxes Today!

By Amanda Wilson on Apr 15, 2015 in Other, code, Federal Income Tax, International, irc, IRS, medical marijuana, Tax, Tax Day, Taxpayers

By: Amanda Wilson You only have to turn on your radio, TV, or log onto social media today to be reminded that today is the dreaded TAX DAY. If you find yourself in the position of seeking an extension to file your taxes, do not forget that you must...

Partnerships - TMP Must Be a Partner

By Amanda Wilson on Apr 8, 2015 in Other, code, International, IRS, LLC, Partnership Tax, Tax, Tax Day

By: Amanda Wilson With April 15th rapidly approaching, I thought I would address a common question that I receive this time of year. Who can be the tax matters partner of a partnership? The tax matters partner is the partner authorized to sign the...

Abandonment - The Sequel

By Amanda Wilson on Feb 27, 2015 in Business Owners, code, International, IRS, tax court

By: Amanda Wilson Here is a brief article that goes into more detail than yesterday's post regarding the recent decision that impacts abandonment losses. The article can be found here.

Budget Woes Continue to Hit IRS

By Amanda Wilson on Feb 25, 2015 in budget, code, IRS, Tax

By: Amanda Wilson Earlier this week, IRS Commissioner Koskinen delivered a speech that discussed the challenges that the IRS continues to face as a result of budget reductions. IRS staffing is already down 13,000 full time employees since 2010, and...