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Filing Form 3115? New IRS Guidance

By Amanda Wilson on Jun 2, 2015 |


By:  Amanda Wilson

If you are about to file a Form 3115 requesting a change in accounting method, you should be aware that the IRS released new guidance yesterday in the form of Revenue Procedure 2015-33.  This new revenue procedure modifies the procedures set forth in Revenue Procedure 2015-13.  These modifications include:

  • Providing additional time in certain cases for filing Form 3115 under the automatic consent provisions;
  • Clarifying when the automatic change procedures do not apply if the taxpayer engages in a Section 381 transaction; and
  • Clarifying the appropriate address for filing Forms 3115.

So if you are preparing to file a Form 3115, be sure to review Revenue Procedure 2015-33 first.  The text of the revenue procedure can be found here.


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