AOA Awarded “The 2017 Coolest Office Space” By The Orlando Business Journal

We have the coolest clients and the Orlando Business Journal agrees! Acomb Ostendorf & Associates LLC (AOA), has been honored with the OBJ “2017 Coolest Office Space”! The project management, design and creative firm — which works with the theme-park and entertainment industry, designed this new space. Managed by co-Founder Mike Ostendorf, along with the help of a local contractor, the new 10,000sqft studio offers bring-your-dog-to-work-day, every day, adorned with lifelike T-Rex heads to dog rides built into the studio. From the wrap-around projection theater which acts as a conference room to the kids’ treehouse area located in the loft area and to a basketball court, this company offers it all. If you are having difficulty locating the studio in the evening, just look for the AOA company logo blasted like the “Bat Signal” on the neighboring buildings wall! AOA is constantly awarded for their company. In fact, AOA has been awarded “The Best Place To Work” and “Outstanding Innovation” by the Orlando Business Journal, and has also been named as “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies” by Inc. 5000, just to name a few. We celebrate our client AOA and applaud their creativity!