Paracosm raises $3.3M to develop algorithms for robotics, gaming and other applications to operate in real-world space

CaptureWe are pleased to announce that our innovative client Paracosm, a Florida-based specialist in cloud-based 3D mapping software, was just featured in TechCrunch magazine for its latest 3D development plan. After picking up a $3.3 million seed round of funding, Paracosm is now focused on building its team to develop better algorithms for robotics, gaming, and other applications that are built to operate in real-world space. Founder and CEO Amir Ruben explains his goal by saying that he wants to "take the digital world beyond screens and enable machines to understand the world as we do, turning your living room into a holodeck." After coming up with the vision two years ago, Rubin, a Florida trained computer engineer, and his four friends of respective expertise in machine learning and interactivity, came together and became the basis of Paracosm. As for the future of Paracosm, Rubin says that they will focus on leaving the applications open ended and mainly focusing on making the tech work. To read the article in full, click here. We celebrate our client, Paracosm!