Orlando Brewing Co. Organic Beer, Fresh from Florida

3d-logo  Orlando BrewingProviding customers with the highest quality ales and lagers has always been top priority for directors John Cheek, Gene Lohri, George Cain and Bill Droste of Orlando Brewing Co. “We decided to brew only what we want to drink and what we want to drink is the very best,” said John Cheek. The brewery, which is located in an industrial section of downtown Orlando, follows the German Purity Law of 1516 (the Reinheitsgebot) which states that beer should only be brewed with four ingredients: water, hops, yeast and malted barley. All ingredients are organic and grown without any insecticides, genetically engineered food, genetically modified organisms, or irradiation. Today, Orlando Brewing is a proud Florida agri-business, and was the first brewery to be declared Fresh from Florida by the State of Florida’s Department of Agriculture. The brewery serves a variety of beers including Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, I-4 IPA (India Pale Ale), Right on Red! Ale, O-Town Brown Ale, O-Town Brown, Blackwater Porter, Olde Pelican English Pale Ale, Miami Weiss and more. Free tours are available Monday-Saturday at 6pm in their downtown location. Live bands are also available every Friday and Saturday night. Their craft beers are found in over 500 locations in Florida as far south as the Florida Keys and Naples, including in a myriad of restaurants, Publix, Walgreens and most recently at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival to name a few. Axis Magazine listed Orlando Brewing #3 in their "101 things to be Thankful for in Orlando" list. For more information, go to www.orlandobrewing.com. We celebrate our client, Orlando Brewing Co.!